With the production capacity of 2,000 MT per day, KPA is one of the biggest ammonia manufactures in the world. Since its first production in the year 2000, the KPA’s production of ammonia has been significantly increasing. Less than 2 years, it has reached the total of 1 million MT and increased to the number of 4 million MT in 2006.

Most of KPA’s ammonia is exported to the Asia Pacific region and West Coast part of the United States of America.

The prospect of ammonia world market demand are very favorable. In the Far East and South East Asia, that KPA cargo is mainly exported, there are a lots of big opportunities for the ammonia derivatives such as industries (MDI/TDI/Nylon/Ammonium Nitrate) and Fertilizer.

It would start up in the coming a few years, hopefully it would be a friendly wind to KPA.

Plant Performance Year 2000-2007

* May, 2000 : started plant operation
* 2001 : 1 year full operation
* 2002-2004 : production decreased because some technical problem.

To solve the problem management was set up Plant Reliability
Improvement Program and Risk Management

*2005 : Production start to become increase
*2006 : Production growth continuing to increase.
*2007 : Production getting better
(as October,24)

One of KPA’s target in the period of 2007 – 2008 is efficiency in order to reach the production capacity and the ammonia delivery for as high as 684,110 MT per year. The strategy used by KPA to reach this target is by consistently implementing Process Safety Management and Continual Performance Improvement (CPI) and by maximizing plant utilization.

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